Knowledge interface systems

Accessorize your Phone !

Mobile phone accessories, nokia, samsung, motorola, sony ericsson, black berry, siemens..... accessorising these phones is not simply about bluetooth, mobile video.

Mobile phone software can be improved we offer the latest trend that is actually useful.

"It represents THE ideal wine advice book. This book is intuitive." The intuition is controlled by you, the user.

How the mobile wine system can help you
  • What makes a good cellar?
  • What food should I eat?
  • Get the system to suggest a wine?
  • Rate the match of the wine with the food?
  • Prepare in advance what to drink?

Knowledge interface system intelligentally controls your access to a knowledge database.

If you want to make a quick query and to recieve instructions on how to move forward this can be done.
Dont like the information given ask for more instructions.

For the user who has more time participate in an interactive diagnosis requirements and knowledge. Tthe system will make queries and explain its requirements as requested (justify).

Key features of the mobile wine system
  1. Use it as a handbook and boost your knowledge of wine!
  2. All answers explained!
  3. All questions justified!
  4. System help where neccessary!
  5. Never look like a novice again!
  6. Never embarrass yourself making a suggestion you can not backup!
  7. Control lessons available to you!

In Summary

red wine rackKnowledge everyone wants it but not every aspect is needed. This program the first program from thiscompany, succeeds!

AI programming concepts are used to assist interfacing with knowledge. Guiding the user through a knowledge domain. This mobile phone program allows the user to incorporate their level of understanding.

Comments from around the world

"Understand whats happening....." "its like a book, but quicker without all the garbage" Badawi George Nigeria

"So easy you can't tell it's a mobile computer program" Zachary Love Australia

"Understand as much as you want or as little as you want " Guillaume Jaques France  

"Finally an easy way to learn about wine selection& wine culture" John Henry Bahamas


"A geniune 'mobile' program"Amanda Carolls England

"It seems like these developers have taken a proper look at the mobile user......." Paul Kennedy England

"The shape of things to come a different way of programming for the cell user" Gerarde Gustave Canada

"The best mobile cell hand book design ever" Richard Jones United States

"You learn so much you may never need an upgrade...." Rachel Rhodes United States

"This mobile program is swift...... " John Thomes England

five star wine"A computer program that makes things easier the industry will be taking notes of this mobile cell program " Adelina Adelberto Italy

"A killer app for sure.....this is how to accessories your phone" Feliciene Fabian Germany