Knowledge interface systems User Guide

Program objectives

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Imagine a hand book, the solution is in chapter 8, but you have to read chapter 1 - 7 to understand chapter 8. Well now you dont! The program ties what you need to know from all the prior chapters so that you can understand the solution. If you want more depth we do that also.

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All questions that need answers.

Dont understand the question! Ask for justification.Select explanation from main menu

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Dont understand the answer! Ask for the explanation.

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Too many questions simple tell me what you know. The system will state what is possible

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If all of this seems too much just ask for simple lessons, it maybe quicker.

Solving your problem, may involve a series of smaller problems. If you find the main lesson/diagnosis takes too long. Then a simple change allows for smaller potential solutions to be added to the system.

Questions Answered !?

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  • Wine Matching ?
  • What wine ?
  • What food ?
  • Wine quality ?
  • Wine type?
  • How do I store ?

After the selection of the lesson or query it is possible to hold the data and conclusions entered for furture queries, all future queries will be dependant on the information that you have chosen to save.

User Summation

Artificial Intelligence techniques are used in what is a comprehensive knowledge interface system.

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